Commercial Polished Concrete Flooring in Tacoma

Installing commercial polished concrete flooring is a no brainer when choosing a floor type. Because, it’s cost-effective, easy to clean, and will last a lifetime. Furthermore, it doesn't matter how big your commercial floor is, because we've handled bigger!

As the #1 service provider for polished concrete in Tacoma, we can handle any commercial property with any size floor.

The types of commercial flooring we handle in Tacoma and surrounding areas:

  • Small or large retail stores
  • Large grocery stores
  • Warehouses
  • Industrial buildings
  • Shopping malls
  • Multi-level buildings

The type of business plays an important role when choosing the type of finish for your concrete flooring. Is it a floor that customers will see? Or is it a floor with heavy machine operating on top of it? These things are necessary to think about when choosing the type of finish.

Whatever your vision is for your concrete flooring, we have the type of finish for you. Matte finish, semi-gloss, high gloss, and more.

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